Super Colourful Motion Activated Toilet Nightlight


Guaranteed to make anybody's nighttime loo visits a lot more convenient, safe, and fun! Simply place Toilet Nightlight over the edge of your WC. It will light up and glow beautifully as soon as somebody enters the bathroom or toilet. No need to grope for the light switch and no chance of accidentally waking somebody else up with a bright light! And no messy accidents either, kids!

The energy efficient LED will only light up when its sensor detects movement in front of it. Additionally, the light only comes in the dark and turns off automatically after 2 minutes of no sensor detection. Batteries will last longer!

Universal fit, suitable for any WC.


  • TOILET BOWL LIGHT - Set it to any one of 8 different colours, or select auto-rotate of colours for magical colour changing glow.
  • EASY TO CLEAN - Just wipe.
  • EASY TO FITThanks to flexible arm will easily bend into required configuration and create a snug fit for any size or shape toilet. 
  • LIGHTWEIGHT & DURABLE- No more stumbling around in the dark, blinding bathroom lights, scary visits for children, or messy clean-ups. Ideal to use with child seat.
  • CAPTIVATING - Simply place over the edge of the rim to turn your toilet bowl into a captivating nightlight. With its motion detection sensor the energy efficient LED will only light-up when you or your loved ones enter the smallest room and when it is dark enough.
  • MAKES FOR A GREAT GIFT - There is nothing quite like the Toilet Nightlight!
More details:
  • Choose one of the 8 colours for static match to your bathroom decor each time the light comes on OR select to automatically cycle through all 8 colours
  • Simply select the colour you like by a touch of a button or program the to automatic colour cycling
Toilet Nightlight is a great way to make your bathroom/toilet more exciting. It makes night-time visits a lot more safe and fun for everyone! It's a perfect gift for men, women, children, and seniors alike.


  • 8-colour
  • Power Supply: 3x AAA Batteries (Not Included)
  • Approximate size:  ‎9.6 x 5.8 x 5 cm
  • Approximate weight: 60g
  • Colour ‎White
  • Type of Bulb: LED

Customer comments:

Clever little gadget
One of the great disadvantages of en suite bathrooms is that when you go for a pee in the middle of the night, you can't switch on the lights without waking up the wife. This little gadget solves the problem nicely. Motion activated, it lights up the toilet bowl providing ample light whilst not disturbing one's better half. Fantastic!

Good Product
Have bought similar ones before, as they are very useful when using the bathroom at night, these are excellent and two are now in use with no problems, would buy again, very prompt delivery.

Toilet lights
Wanted one of these toilet lights for ages, bought one for myself,daughter and son ,nice novelty ,we love them ! update I've now bought another ! A lovely handy novelty light

Game changer for potty training
Bought initially to help with potty training my 2 year old daughter but we all love it. In fact, my 68 year old father was so impressed I bought him one!! It's like a chilled disco in the toilet.

Change of colour, easy to fit in bowl.
Change of colour. Easy to fit on toilet bowl.

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