Pocket Weather Station with Multi Tools - 8-in-1 - Carabiner Style Clip


Pocket Weather Station with Multi Tools - 8 Tools in 1

8 Tools in 1 for the serious Outdoors enthusiast

  • Weather Forecast
  • Alarm Clock
  • Pocket Scissors
  • Can & Bottle Opener
  • Screwdriver - Flat
  • Scredriver - Phillips
  • LED Flashlight
  • Compass


  • Large Easy to Read LCD - 1.75" x 1.1" with Blue Backlight
  • Weather forecast with Moon Phase, Temperature & Humidity
  • Alarm Clock with snooze function
  • Calendar with date, day & year display
  • Maximum & minimum temperature & humidity display
  • Super bright LED flashlight
  • Built in compass
  • Large Carabiner key chain
  • Battery: 2 button cell - included
  • Unit size: 3 ½" x 2 ½" x ½"
  • Unit weight:

More details:

Now you can tackle your outdoor adventures with confidence! Because you won't get caught unprepared with this 8-in-1 outdoors emergency survial gadget.

Don't let the fear of what 'might' happen dampen your adventurous spirit! Pack one of our battery powered Pocket Weather Station 8-in-1 MultiTool in your camping backpack and enjoy peace of mind knowing you will be well prepared. Or clip it to your backpack with the carabiner clip.

Why not take it climbing, hiking, sailing, skiing, canoeing etc ? Take it anywhere you can keep it dry NEW AND UNIQUE travel accessory - The compact all in one walkers / campers survial gadget - Save space for other essential kit

So release your inner adventurer and avoid the risk of getting caught in bad weather or becoming lost - What if your main compass broke ? Never be without a means of finding your direction. Worried about finding things in the dark ? This ultimate adventurist's companion even includes a Mini LED torch as well as backlight for the main display, so you can read it anywhere.