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Toilet Lights Inside Toilet Night Light Targets for Boys - Motion Activated with Colour Selection Glow Bowl


Brand: TechAffect

Color: White


  • TOILET BOWL LIGHT - Gifts for man who has everything. Fun little LED WC Lamp OR camping toilets
  • EASY TO CLEAN - switch between 8 different colours to match bathroom’s décor
  • EASY TO FIT - bathroom gadgets Smart motion detection activates only in the dark when movement is detected and switches off automatically
  • LIGHTWEIGHT & DURABLE MAKES A GREAT GIFT - No more stumbling around in the dark, blinding bathroom lights, scary visits for children, or messy clean-ups. Ideal to use with child seat
  • PRACTICAL AND EFFECTIVE - Simply place the over the edge of the rim to turn it into a magnificent nightlight. With its motion detection sensor this energy efficient lamp will only light-up when you or your loved ones enter the smallest room

Details: toilet lights inside toilet sensor. Choose from 8 different colours this is a witty little gadget that, thanks to its universal fit, is suitable for any WC out there and is guaranteed to make your nightly visits a lot more convenient, safe, and fun. Simply place the over the edge to turn it into a magnificent nightlight. This energy efficient LED will only lightup when you or your loved ones enter emitting a soft and nicely coloured beam. Additionally, only works in the dark and turns off automatically 2 minutes after the last movement has been detected. No more stumbling around in the scary bathroom visits for children or messy clean-ups. Thanks to its flexible arm you will be able to bend it into any configuration creating a snug fit for any size and shape toilet out there. Having the option to choose out of 8 different colours you now have the perfect little tool to match it with your bathroom’s decor gadgets for men technology. Simply select the colour you like by a touch of a button or program the to change colour automatically. This is the way to get rid of your boring room and it makes your nightly trips a lot more safe and fun– making it the perfect gift for men, women, children, and seniors alike. Specifications: Voltage: 4.5 volts Wattage: 1 watt 8-colour Power Supply: 3x AAA Batteries (Not Includes) Feature: Motion sensor Sense Distance: 5cm Sets to Colour-rotate (8 colours in 120 secs) Sanitary Design: easy to clean

EAN: 5060223869667

Item Condition: New

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