Satisfaction Guaranteed!

30-Day Replacement Guarantee

Buy with confidence - your satisfaction is guaranteed

Our 30-Day Replacement Guarantee is simple: if, after having purchased and received your items, you subsequently discover any problem with them, for example, a fault or other performance issue, or missing parts, or there is any other problem that causes any dissatisfaction, you are entitled to a replacement/repair under our 30-Day Replacement Guarantee.

Under this Guarantee we will replace any item totally free of charge if you find any problem with your purchase within your first 30 days of ownership of the item. You will incur no costs whatsoever in either returning the item to us or receiving a replacement/repair.

Our 30-Day Replacement Guarantee is in addition to any manufacturer warranty or guarantee and your statutory consumer rights.

If you should need to make use of this Guarantee, all you need do is contact us with a brief outline of the issue or problem you are experiencing, and we will get back to you straight away.

Further information can be found in our Customer Services pages.

All items in our webstore come with a minimum 1 Year Warranty. Some items may carry a longer Warranty, this will be indicated on the product detail page where applicable, and full details of the manufacturer warranty will be included with the product itself upon purchase.

To make a claim under manufacturer warranty, you should contact us in the first instance.

Further information can be found in our Customer Services pages.