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Why FREE? If you purchase this Magnifier on at £11.95, we will then refund you. WHY WOULD WE DO THIS? Because this will help us to spread the word about this exceptionally useful and well-designed 5x Magnifier with LED lights. NO STRINGS ATTACHED! Just click the button below to find out how to get this Magnifier delivered to you FREE OF CHARGE and with NO FURTHER OBLIGATION!

At last! - a lightweight magnifier suitable for all ages! Perfect magnifier for those with vision problems to read the small print. Excellent magnifier for children to learn & discover with!

  • UP TO 5x MAGNIFICATION - makes this magnifying glass PRACTICAL and EFFECTIVE for virtually all tasks - the LED lights mean you don't need anything stronger

  • 10 HIGH BRIGHTNESS LEDs  FOR GENTLE, EVEN ILLUMINATION - means a good bright light is thrown onto exactly what you are trying to see,  ideal for anybody with VISUAL IMPAIRMENT
  • WIDE COMFORT-GRIP HANDLE - makes the magnifier easy to hold for everybody, from youngsters through to older people who may have trouble gripping smaller magnifiers

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