Children’s EVA Orthopedic Arch Support Insoles - 2cm Height Arch Support, Heel Stability and more


Does your little one have flat feet? This insole is the help they need!

Children’s EVA Orthopedic Arch Support Insoles - 2 cm Arch Support have been specifically created for children who suffer from flat feet and need arch support.

As a smart parent, if you have ever suffered from any foot pain yourself, you'll know how miserable it can be. This can include arch pain, heel pain, ankle pain, plantar fasciitis, over pronation or other common foot pain. This is why our orthotic insoles for children incorporate important ergonomic design features to ensure your children have a healthier and more comfortable foot experience, and get the right support for their foot problems.


  • ARCH SUPPORT - Foot arch support 2cm arch height - Firm support, relieves foot pain due to flat feet, over pronation, high arch, low arch, common foot pain, arch pain, heel pain & plantar fasciitis. This is a moderate hard children’s insole to help correct flat feet and low arches, preventing potentially severe foot problems, and solving any immediate pain or discomfort problems.
  • STABILISED HEEL - The arch insoles are designed with a U-shaped heel cup. This helps stabilize and support the child's foot, preventing sliding and friction during high impact and long distance activities. Anti-slip ridges on the bottom of each insole keep them in place in boots, sports shoes, casual shoes.
  • PREMIUM COMFORT - Uniquely, these children's insoles have an upper layer of supersoft cloth covering flexible memory foam. This means feet get extra cushioning and feel cozy. The bottom more rigid and protective layer material is EVA which will provide good support to children’s feet.
  • WALK AND RUN WITH EASE - This is what your child is meant to do!
  • CUSHIONED FOR COMFORT and to REDUCE PAIN - Your child will immediately feel benefit. The memory foam layer will quickly conform itself to your child's personal foot shape, reducing pain and speeding recovery.  Your child may need up to 3 days to get used to their arch insoles, as they will be learning to walk in a different way.
  • BREATHABLE - Air-permeable holes under the forefoot provide breathing effect for each insole. The top fabric is moisture-wicking and this and the ventilation holes help keep your child's feet cool and odour-free. Your little one's feet will stay fresh and healthy even in hot weather.
  • SNIP TO PRECISE SIZE NEEDED - Each insole can be resized with scissors for customized fit, just trim around the guidelines on the insole to create a custom fit to  your child's shoes. 
  • LIGHTWEIGHT & DURABLE - Orthoses fit inside the shoe and help the mechanics of the foot to work properly. These orthotic inserts incorporate a premium-quality memory foam which is lightweight and durable for advanced cushioning, shock absorption, heel and forefoot padding. Long-lasting durability and leading levels of comfort.


  • Size: as indicated
  • Arch height: 2 cms
  • Material: Soft cloth, memory foam, EVA
  • Breatheable holes: Yes
  • Hardness: Medium

Customer comments:

Good insoles
Arrived promptly and packaged well, were just what we needed. Able to cut to size and they fit the shoes well

Excellent support
My son's developed fallen arches and his feet had become painful to walk on. These insoles have given his feet excellent support and he is now much happier

Perfect for kids
My son started complaining about his feet hurting him. I took out his shoe's original soles and put these in. I now have peace of mind that my son's feet aren't going to get messed up and he has stopped complaining

Great for my daughter
I bought these inserts because my 12 year old daughter's feet were hurting a lot, and she has said it has made a huge difference. We went out for a long walk and she didn't even mentioned her feet hurting. She has a high arch and these seem to be really helping

Breathable and comfortable
I bought these for my daughter. Her feet got sore with her previous inserts, but she has not complained about these inserts hurting her feet. Also, they are breathable and her feet don’t get as sweaty

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