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7-in-1 Kitchen MultiTool - Open, Lift, Twist, Lifts, Prise, Grate - 7 tools in one! Opens cans, bottles, jars etc.


The 7-in-1 Kitchen MultiTool is your MultiFunctional Kitchen Helper. 

Open cans, bottles and jars, lift tab tops, prise open seals and lids, twist bottle caps, even grate garlic. This 7-in-1 Kitchen MultiTool is espiecally helpful for anybody with dexterity issues.

Open any Bottle, Can or Jar quickly and easily! 7-in-1 Kitchen MultiTool is the only kitchen utensil with seven openers all-in-one. It breaks the seal, lifts the lid, twists the cap, opens the can, pops the top and pulls the ring.

  • STRONG AND LIGHT made of ABS + PS + stainless steel
  • HELPING HAND When you own hands are not enough - 7 different ways to help and be useful
  • ERGONOMIC Anti-slip handle offers a comfortable grip for your safety and make it comfortable to use
  • Open cans with minimal effort and WITHOUT ANY SHARP EDGE Lifts the lid too!
  • Material: ABS + PS + stainless steel blades
  • The 7 in 1 is the one tool you need to open virtually anything in your kitchen

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