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Drinks Chillers - Set of 6 Liquid Filled Whiskey Bullets with Tongs and Pouch
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Drinks Chillers - Set of 6 Liquid Filled Whiskey Bullets with Tongs and Pouch


These Stainless Steel Whiskey Bullets are a magnificent addition to your collection. They are a creative alternative for ice cubes to chill your drinks.
Not only this, their unique bullet shape makes them a novelty at parties.

The custom-built tongs make it an easy task to handle the ice cubes, while serving drinks.

The exquisite pouch is designed as a perfect adornment on the pack, for gifting it to someone you love.
With all these benefits attached to these chillers, they make an excellent addition to your accessories' collection at the bar.

These steel bullets will do just that, chill your drink to a degree of perfection without
affecting its flavor.

Any Drink. Any Glass. Any Occasion Whether you are enjoying a quiet drink alone at your home, or partying with friends, the steel bullets are an excellent
addition to any occasion. They serve as the perfect conversation starter to get the party started. The slim design of the liquid filled bullets makes them suitable for
use with glasses of any shape and size.

Quick Chilling. Quick Cleaning The addition of a couple of these bullets will chill your drinks in no time. After use, a simple rinse in the kitchen is all
that is needed to clean them. Place them back in the freezer and you have them ready before another session of drinks.

The pack consists of 6 of these bullets, each weighing about 2.24 ounces.

Measuring at 12 x 45 x 12 mm dimensions, they are large enough to cool the drinks properly
and small enough to fit into any type of glass.

  • Make your guests feel special by dropping a couple of these steel magic bullets, that will both chill their drinks and blow their minds. The bullets come with the twin benefits of chilling the drinks without compromising on their flavor.
  • The pack consists of a pair of tongs and comes in a pouch.
  • Only Chilling. 100% Original Flavor Each drink is unique in its flavor and experience. A whiskey drinker of distinguished taste as yourself will not want their special drinks to be corrupted by water from melting ice.
  • Pouch and Tongs for Easy Use The bullets come in a beautiful pouch that can be carried anywhere you go. In fact, the attractive pouch is designed in a way to make this set of bullets a great gift item. They also come with a set of tongs that will make it easy to pick and drop the bullets in drinks.
  • The stainless steel, FDA approved, liquid-filled chillers are available in a variety of shapes and designs. Simply place in the freezer and chill any drink to perfection without losing its premium strength.

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