Cascade Shower or Tub Sandal - Foot Cleaning, Exfoliating - 1 Sandal - No More Bending to Clean Your Feet!

Type: Bath Brushes

The Cascade Shower Sandal exfoliating slipper is the new best for your feet. Cleans, Exfoliates & Massages!

Scrubs and massages your feet with over 1,000 soft bristles. Suction cup bottom will grip to most shower and tub surfaces. Built-in pumice stone to smooth rough heels.

It's like getting a pedicure every time you go to the shower!


  • NO MORE BENDING- Keeping your feet squeaky clean just got a lot easier with the Cascade Shower Sandal! No more bending or stretching to properly clean your feet.
  • COMPLETELY CLEAN - The Cascade Shower Sandal is a shoe-like handy item you'll never live without once you have owned one!  It has soft bristles to slide your foot between and suckers on the bottom to hold it in place on your shower or tub bottom.
  • CLEANS & EXFOLIATES - Get your feet looking and feeling perfect. The exfoliating Cascade Shower Sandal has plenty of cleaning bristles. With upgraded pumice stone at the heel to deal with rough skin. Gently cleans and exfoliates your feet.
  • SOFT MATERIAL - Made with over 1000 soft cleaning bristles, which are massaging and effective - When you slip your foot into the Sandal it will be bliss, you will feel very comfortable. Once you start scrubbing, increased blood flow will reduce any stress and help you relax.
  • SUCTION CUPS - To make sure it doesn't slip when using in the shower or tub - One size fits all.
  • SUITABLE FOR ANY AGE - The Cascade Shower Sandal is perfect for feet of all ages, ideal for family use.


  • Approximate size: 28 x 13.5 x 10.5 cms
  • Weight: 360g
  • Cascade Shower Sandal per box: 1
  • Packaging: 1 Sandal, Boxed

Since the bristles are long bristles, it is normal for them to slant a little after multiple uses. If this occurs, soak the Sandal in hot water for 3 minutes and then dry it to revive the bristles.

Customer comments:

One of my favourite things
I love this.  I have trouble with vertigo and back issues so this is so helpful. It does exactly what I wanted. It does tickle before you get used to it.  I love how easy it is to exfoliate with this device. Great buy, highly recommend. Sturdier than expected.

works well
easy to use

Great Scrubby Shoe! 
They suction to the wall to drain beautifully, but put them down in the shower BEFORE you turn the water on. They don’t suction well on a wet surface. I just squeeze shower gel onto the scrubby part and run my feet through the soft bristles. Get one - you won’t regret it!

This foot scrubber gets between your toes and all parts of your foot - even working the very rough part of your heel. I recommend it for everyone young and old - it's a great invention!

I really like this
Having a spine issue it's difficult to get low enough to do my feet but with this, I am so happy, works fantastic! It didn't move at all, but don't put all your body weight on it,  just scrub your foot. Works perfectly no issues.

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