Glass Magnifier Eye Lens - Illuminated Dual Magnifying Glass - 21mm 30x and 12mm 60x lenses - with LED light - Jewellers Loupe, pocket microscope

Type: Magnifiers

Very precise jeweller's loupe / currency forgery detection lamp - switch between white LED for general illumination and UV lamp for examining banknotes, etc.

The very small size of this instrument makes it convenient to put in bags or take anywhere. The magnifier is fitted with its own hand strap so you won't lose or drop it!

With the white LED the magnifier can be used even where there is insufficient light / in a dark environment.

  • Pull-type Light Source Switch. Batteries included
  • Main lens 30x - 21mm. Accessory lens 60 x - 12mm


    * Pull-type light source switch - Pull out the magnifier to the first stop position, and LED light stays off. If there is insufficient light, simply pull out the magnifier a little further and the light comes on
    * 3 LED lights - slider switch allows you to switch between general white light (evaluating jewellery) and UV (counterfeit currency detection)
    * Main lens magnification : 30x (20mm)
    * Accessory lens magnification: 60x/45x (9mm)
    * Illumination: LED light
    * Hand strap
    * Power: 3 x R1130 batteries (included)



    * Size: 67 x 45 x 17mm
    * Weight: 60g
    * Material: Plastic
    * Battery type: button battery (3 x LR1130)


    Inside the box
    * 1 x LED Currency Detecting Jewellery Identifying Magnifier with LED
    * 1 x manual (English)