Orthotic Low-Medium Arch Insole Support - For Men, Women - EVA/Memory Foam


Light-as-a-feather full-length orthotic arch support insoles with Low - Medium arch support. Designed around foot biomechanical principles.

EVA base with Memory Foam layer provides ultimate support and comfort.


  • EFFECTIVE REMEDY FOR FOOT & GAIT PROBLEMS - Best orthotic for preventing and alleviating heel and arch pain associated with flat feet, plantar fasciitis and other common foot conditions. These neutral arch insoles are meant for those with an average foot type and stride and low-to-medium arch who may find maximum support uncomfortable, and provide basic medium support in all areas of your feet.
  • LOW - MEDIUM ARCH SUPPORT- Also good for feet with low to medium arches that may find maximum support uncomfortable. When trying to find the right kind of support, the natural biomechanics of your own foot and its stride should be the biggest consideration. For those with a neutral arch type, these Insoles are a simple, affordable, and effective way to resolve most foot problems and improve your foot health.
  • EVA BASE - EVA is supportive and comforting. As a foam-based material, it lends itself naturally to the supportive properties required of an orthotic insole. EVA is also ideal as a shock-absorber, insulating the foot from impact with the ground and helping to protect the joints and ligaments. 
  • ENJOY SPORTS -  Excellent cushioning effect of EVA + memory foam reduces impact on the joints and muscles, perfect for improving sports performance and reducing pain during physical activity. Whether walking, hiking, climbing, playing ball games, running or just daily use, the flexible and soft EVA foam gives the feet support and comfort when it is needed. Anatomically designed to effectively treat and prevent common sports injuries such as Achilles Tendonitis, shin splints, plantar fasciitis, knee and lower back pain, among others.
  • SUITABLE FOR MOST FOOTWEAR - This thin and flexible Insole can be used for sport shoes, work boots, casual shoes, hiking shoes, canvas and outdoor shoes. Ideal for combatting and prevention of foot ailments such as arch strain, bunions, flat feet, fatigue or heel pain. Equally effective in helping lessen back pain, knee pain or instability of the ankles. Most suitable for those with low to normal or 'neutral' arch. Each Insole has antibacterial and deodourising properties to keep feet fresh, along with a breathable mesh upper layer.
  • ADJUSTABLE SIZES - For most foot sizes. Trim with normal scissors for perfect fit. Wear-Resistant and Anti-Slip. Extremely lightweight - You won't notice them in your shoe, except to feel as if you are walking on Air or running across Clouds! With additional cushioning in the heel strike area, and contoured mid-foot section for delightful massaging of the foot as you walk or run. The structured heel U shape cup additionally stabilizes and supports the foot.


  • Size: as indicated
  • Arch height: 1 cms
  • Material: Soft mesh cloth, memory foam, EVA
  • Breatheable holes: Yes
  • Anti bacterial: Yes
  • Non slip: Yes
  • Massaging: Yes