Athletic Arch Support Insoles - Adult Sports EVA Insole for Men and Women


Full length arch support orthotic shoe insoles with 3-point mechanics for relief of pain from flat feet. Anti-shock and anti-slip. 

Athletic arch support shoe insoles - Unisex - Adult - Sizes as above.


  • HIGH QUALITY ORTHOTIC - Full-length orthotic made specifically to relieve foot pain arising from such problems as fallen arches, over-pronation and flat feet. Helps with heel pain, aching feet or legs, knee pain and lower back pain. Absorbs shock and reduces stress on feet. Cradles and protects the foot. Anti-microbial breathable fabric. EVA base. Breatheable fabric. Ridged Non-Slip base.
  • MULTIPLE DESIGN FEATURES - Scientifically-designed 3-point mechanical balance and arch protection.  Make standing, walking, running, etc. more comfortable. Helps maintain the arch contour of the foot while being soft and flexible enough to still provide support with comfort. U-shaped stabilising heel cup. Metatarsal support. Special shock absorbing cushion area under heel.  
  • EVA MATERIAL - Makes  the whole insole flexible and soft yet able to provide the proper support your foot requires. The more you wear the insoles the more comfortable they will become as the EVA moulds to your feet due to body heat and body weight.
  • FOOT CARE - Reduce wear and tear on feet and legs with shock reduction, biomechanical arch support, heel cup, and and heel shock-absorbing padding to improve cushioning effect. Use of the insoles will provide a more natural gait easing plantar fasciitis, and will help with heel pain, ball of foot pain, and other common foot complaints. Helps correct over-pronation, fallen arches and flat feet.
  • ENJOY SPORTS - These insoles are not just about comfort. Although soft and flexible enough for most sports, they help bring about the balance and foot bio-mechanics perfect for improving performance and reducing pain during physical activity.
  • VELVET-LIKE FLANNEL ON TOP - Soft, comfortable top surface yet good cushioning effect for reduction of impact on joints and muscles. Inserts suitable for hiking, climbing, ball games, running and routine use, or even when just standing for prolonged periods. Protect your feet from pain.
  • SIZE -  Available in both Men & Women sizes as shown above.
  • TRIM TO EXACT SIZE AS REQUIRED - Trim to required size with normal scissors, by following the guide lines. Will fit in all types of lace-up shoe including joggers; also suitable for work boots.

 Customer comments:

Nothing I don’t like. They fit well and the cushioning on my heel is good. I’m pleased with them and now wear them constantly. They do the job they’re designed for.

was everything i expected from the advert