>>Magnetic<< Contact Alarm - Intruder Alarm for Window, Door


>>Magnetic<< Intruder Alarm for Window, Door.  The two parts of the >>Magnetic<< Door or Window Alarm mount directly onto the door or window frame. When the two parts are unexpectedly separated (by an intruder, for example), the alarm will sound at an ear-piercing 110 decibels (dB). Alarm can only be turned off by the special key.

Helps protect your home, garage, or business easily and affordably. Fit to a door or window by simply mounting the two alarm parts on your window or door with the included double-sided adhesive for a hassle free peel-and-stick installation. The alarm is battery powered, 100% wireless and easy to use.

Imagine the extra peace of mind this could bring to a student staying away from home. The uses are endless from simple secondary alarm at home or that extra bit of security for your valuables or outbuilding.

  • PEACE OF MIND - Easy to use on almost any entrance. Quick installation. Small Size. Security for doors & windows around the home, shed, garage, patio doors, conservatory etc. With the added feature it can only be switched on and off with the special plastic key.
  • SCARE AWAY INTRUDERS - Can even be used for for travel. Use for additional hotel safety, for example.
  • WITH ARM / DISARM KEY - Has a special key for switching on and off. Makes alarmed section easy for yourself to open from the inside without sounding the intruder system. 
  • LOUD AND HIGHLY EFFECTIVE - Great for sliding glass doors. Other uses: protect cupboards from children. 
  • BEST CHOICE and EASY TO FIT - TechAffect >>Magnetic<< Contact Alarm to protect your home or business easily and affordably.
  • SIMPLE TO USE - How about a shed or patio entrance ? Battery powered. 100% wireless and easy to use. The main unit and the contact unit mount directly onto the frame. If the magnetic bond between them gets separated, the alarm sounds.
  • Power: ‎3 LR44 batteries required. (included)
  • Package size (1 unit): ‎10.9 x 5.8 x 3.1 cm
  • Weight: (1 Unit with batteries): 50g
  • Clear inbstructions (English)
  • Batteries included

Apply double-sided adhesive tape (included) to the back of the main unit and the magnetic contact.

Mount the main unit in the door or window frame and the magnetic contact on the door or window so the gap between them is less than 1/2 inch.


To arm the unit, remove the disarm key.  When the magnetic contact is separated from the main unit the alarm will sound.  To turn the alarm off, insert the alarm key.

Customer comments:

Good alarm
My husband wanted these alarms for a outdoor shed just what he wanted

Works great
I have placed it on the bottom of the doorframe with the magnet on the door. Very loud and works great

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