Dragon Skull with Metallic Detailing - Large - Magnificient Display Piece


Large (46 cms! ) Dragon Skull Decoration with Metallic Detail. Capture this beast if you can. Let it enter your Realm and take centre stage in your gothic home gallery or among your other dragon collectibles. Definitely a must-have for any dragon enthusiast!

Dragons feature prominently in the myths and magic of Asian and medieval European cultures. But they are more than just fire-breathing creatures from Gothic legends. They also hold spiritual and cultural significance, which is honoured in this piece with the mysterious nose carving and intricate metal embellishments.


  • HORNED DRAGON SKULL - Mythical dragon trophy inspired by European folklore
  • COLLECTIBLE  ITEM - One of  the most awesome collectibles from our  range of gothic and fantasy sculptures, would make an impressive home decor centrepiece for any room
  • MAGNIFICIENT DISPLAY PIECE - Cast in quality resin complete with sharpened teeth and treacherous jaw, this skull is individually finished to be indistinguishable from fossilized bone
  • MYSTERIOUS - What is the meaning of the carving on the dragon's nose and the intricate metalwork?
  • INCREDIBLE CRAFTMANSHIP- Each piece crafted in meticulous detail
  • Metallic highlights
  • Carved design on nose
  • Hand-finished colour

More detail:

Our fantasy and gothic dragon range are great collector's items. Superb design and well made but still great value. Each sculture has a life of its own and you will feel the fire this dragon once breathed! Each piece is individually finished in rich fantasy colours. Great craftmanship, beautifully made, full of detail, this dragon is an ideal gift for the dragon connoisseur or for home decor where your imagination is the only limit!

  • Material: Resin
  • Dimensions: 46 x 37 x 34 cms
  • Weight: 4.26 kg