Comfort Air Chair - Mesh Lumbar Support with Massage Beads


Improve your sitting posture and relax your back to the maximum with the practical Comfort Air Chair - Mesh Lumbar Support portable backrest.

Light and manageable so you can take it with you wherever you go. Wherever you go you can ensure you sit in a correct position in comfort. 

With ownership of one of these innovative, organically designed lumbar supports, you'll relax your back with optimised ergonomics. The woven 'mesh' fabric is specially designed to allow air to pass through for better ventilation and avoidance of unwanted perspiration. 

Perfect for your car seat (particularly if its leather) and office chairs.


  • MASSAGE BEADS - The massage beads incorporated into the central portion of the cushion will invigorate you and keep you comfortable. The Cushion Air Chair - Mesh Lumbar Support provides comfort and good support to lower back. No nasty back aches. Air Chair support reduces unwanted pressure.
  • BREATHABLE MESH  - Keep your back cool & fresh with constant air flow from the ventilated net. Comfort & support for your lower back. Your lower back suffers the most during a long drive or extended sitting at home or at work. Avoid the suffering with this Comfort Air Chair!
  • PRACTICAL DESIGN – Feel premium comfort at home, at work or even on your way to work! Suitable for car seat, truck seat, wheelchair, plane, or couch! Each Comfort Air Cushion is portable and lightweight. Orthopedic mesh back support for blissful travel. Elastic straps for fastening onto chairs but can be used without. Size is approx. 40 x 37 cm
  • PORTABLE AND EASY TO INSTALL - Take the Comfort Air Chair - Mesh Lumbar Support anywhere you might need it. Set up easily within seconds. Give your lower back the love and care it deserves! Weighs less than 220g. 


  • Size: Approx. 36.5 x 39 x 18 cms
  • Material: Polyester & Polyester blend
  • Fabric type: Mesh
  • Weight: Approx. 220g

 Customer comments:

Great product for the price
This mesh back support works great. It really relieves my back pain that I used to get from sitting in my office chair all day. T I have already recommended this product to a co-worker and they enjoy it also. I would buy it again.

Great value
I drive a lot which gives me terrible back pain, this has been a lifesaver. It’s great in the car and at home. It has a strap to attach it to a chair or seat in the car, personally I don’t use the strap 

AWESOME product
Honestly, for the price I thought, "What the heck, if it's good, it's good, if it's not, then I throw it away." But, I ended up loving it and referring it to other people. I use it at work because our desk chairs have ZERO support. The mesh makes it breathable (so you don't get hot) and it's very light so if you do need to move it, it's easy. My back pain didn't disappear magically, but overall my comfort level at work has

Just enough support
I drive for a living and proper support is not always possible. The Air Chair goes a long way to fixing the problem. Adds support to flat seats. Lightweight makes it easy to move it between vehicles. Would buy again.

If you have sciatica from driving then this will help
Awesome back support, lightweight non intrusive, wonderful the second I started using it..