Kitchen Utensils Set (The Cook Bottle) - 8 Kitchen Gadgets that take up only the space of one bottle!


The Cook Bottle is an amazing example of clever design in action. Perfect for the smaller kitchen, it's a multi-purpose kitchen tool that looks like an artistic wine bottle. It's so attractive, you'll be leaving it out on your kitchen counter to show it off!

We think this is so cool because the Bottle includes 8 stackable essential kitchen tools in one small space. These are:

  • A funnel for pouring sauces and liquids into narrow containers
  • A lemon juicer
  • A spice grater
  • An egg masher for making egg salad and other dishes in a jiffy
  • A cheese grater
  • A lid grip/opener for those stubborn jar lids
  • An egg yolk separator
  • A measuring cup (up to 420ml)

8 kitchen accessories that fit together to form a bottle shape!


  • 8-IN-1 - Cook Bottle consists of 8 kitchen accessories, as listed above and as shown in our images of the product.
  • AMAZING DESIGN - The Cook Bottle is an original, functional and practical product that can be stored in any corner of your kitchen without taking up much space.
  • SPACE-SAVING - If you don't have much space in your kitchen or you simply like to make the most of what you do have, the Cook Bottle kitchen utensils set is perfect for you. It's the result of a new creative trend aimed at optimising space usage in the home, especially in the kitchen. 
  • KEEP ORGANISED - In addition, the Cook Bottle utensils set helps you keep your kitchen organised.  The clever bottle design lets you have 8 essential kitchen utensils in sight and on hand at any time.
  • CLOSE TO HAND - Each utensil is a different colour. Stack to form the clever space-spacing Cook Bottle. Utensil name marked on the accessory. Bottle contains: 1 funnel; 1 lemon squeezer; 1 spice grater; 1 egg separator; 1 egg masher; 1 cheese grater; 1 lid grip / opener; 1 measuring cup 400ml.


  • Boxed
  • Hand-washing recommended
  • Rinse before using
  • Material: Silicone/PP (Measuring jug: AS/ABS)
  • Size: 28 x 8.5 cms
  • Packaged size: 288 x 9.8 x 9.8 cms
  • Weight (packaged): 280g


If you don't have much space or you simply like to make the most of it, the Cook Bottle kitchen utensils set is perfect for you. It's the result of the latest creative trend aimed to optimise space at home, especially in the kitchen, where spaces are becoming smaller and where there aren't so many drawers and cupboards to store your accessories and utensils.

So you'll find the Cook Bottle helps keep your kitchen organised, yet still have in sight and on hand 8 highly useful kitchen utensils you'll probably be using every day.

Customer comments:

awesome functionality & it's cute
if you know anyone who loves to cook this is a great gift.  It looks like a bottle. It's easy to clean and the most impressive thing about it is it all fits in together and  you don't worry about looking for all these little pieces they're all in the same place

Perfect kitchen helper
Easy to use and clean, a versatile tool making cooking delicious and fun

 Great for juicing oranges
Love it. Already used it for the main reason I bought it, juicing oranges. Great job on those! Can’t wait to try other parts

Minimizes space nicly
Good to minimize space. Very nice for price. 

 Anyone who camps knows that space is at a premium 
Coolest product I have bought in a while. We are a family of campers, and anyone who camps knows that space is always at a premium. This single item replaces a drawer full of different gadgets. And the best part is they all stack together in this bottle shape. Takes up so much less space 

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