USB Single Action Foot Switch - extra hands free control


Need a helping hand (or foot in this case)? With this easy to set up USB foot pedal you can control any key or shortcut on your computer with just your foot.

Works with any computer or device that uses a keyboard or a mouse - Full details on our Footswitch support page

  • The Footswitch can reproduce any keyboard key or shortcut or mouse action by porogramming it with the downloadable software - download the software from our support page
  • Pre-program key or mouse functions on the foot pedal by software
  • Can connect more than one switch to your computer
Software: Specifications:
  • Dimension: Approx. 6.1 x 10 x 3.7 cms
  • Weight: 110g
  • Can connect more than one switch to your computer. Control your computer with any of your feet. Comes with software allowing it to reproduce any keyboard shortcut or single key
  • Footswitch works with any computer or device that has a keyboard or mouse

Customer comments:

I have used mine for in-game talk key instead of using the letter N the pedal has become N - all in all I'm a very satisfied customer. 5*

Really good for clicking in games
Good for OSRS, clicking on the same spot without without having to use your hands

great little device at a very competitive price
simply does what it says on the tin, no fuss just set a key on the keyboard to devote to the pedal and use the software to control its settings and get going

Move PowerPoint pages forward  ...
I only need it to move PowerPoint pages forward so it didn't need any complex programming for this, Does what it's meant to do 

Does what it advertises
Just received this today it does as advertised, overall it's good for my purpose of push to talk on VOIP software.

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