CustomFit Plantar Fasciitis Supports - Adjustable Orthotic Insole


CustomFit customisable arch inserts with shock-absorbing heel support. These orthotics will greatly improve your comfort whether walking, running, or just standing. Before using for the first time, remove any existing arch supports or padding already in your shoes or trainers.


  • IMPROVE YOUR POSTURE - Gain stability and balance when you walk, run or stand.
  • ADJUSTABLE INSERTS - In the pack you will receive 1 base insole and 4 arch inserts, marked LOW, MED, HIGH and MASSAGE (x2 for Left and Right foot). Simply pop required insert into the base insole to adjust the overall level of support offered. 
  • FLEXIBLE AND RESISTANT - With ventilation holes for perspiration.
  • WASHABLE - And odour-free.
Inside the box:
  • 2 base insoles 
  • 6 inserts - LOW, MEDIUM and HIGH inserts - interchange to reach maximum usefulness and comfort level - Full instructions
  • 2 inserts with massage points
  • 8 hook and loop circles
  • 1 instruction leaflet 

These insoles are designed for the area between the heel and the middle of the foot (not up to the toe tips, unlike conventional insoles).