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TechAffect Magnifying Glass - Hand held classic magnifier - Large - 75 mm diameter 5x magnification - steel neck and rim real glass


This large 75 mm classic round x 5 high quality magnifier from TechAffect is all you need for that little extra help seeing close up.
This magnifying glass has a real glass lens. High quality glass lenses are more stain scratch and stain resistant than plastic lenses. The real glass lenses give very high light transmission for a clearer image. It has a strong metal rim and a plastic handle that is very comfortable to use.

Features :
Real glass lens
Sturdy metal neck and rim
Strong plastic handle
5x magnification
Large 75mm lense
Suitable for reading, stamp collecting, hobbies, etc.
Compact and lightweight

The strength of a magnifier is sometimes referred to as its 'power' and is usually expressed as a multiple with the x (*times) sign. This is a 5X magnifier.

The best way to use is to hold the magnifier as close to the eye as possible and bring the subject closer to the lens until it is in focus. For best results in seeing close up, try and use the magnifier in good quality light. If possible natural daylight is best or a good lamp with a daylight bulb. This magnifying glass can be used for close inspection of articles such maps, circuit boards, hallmarks, stamps, and so on and is ideal for coin collectors, hobbyists and so on.

  • Ideal for all of us who need a little extra help seeing close up
  • High quality TechAffect® real glass lens for extra sharpness and clarity with strong handle
  • Large 75 mm Diameter with 5 x magnification

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