Plantar Fasciitis Support Insoles for Men or Women - Foot Arch Support Inserts


Retrain the way you walk with out orthopedic orthoses that will relieve pressure on your feet, knees, hips and back. Your feet are the foundation of your body. Restore natural biomechanical function to them and enjoy natural pain-free movement once again. Allow joints to function properly. Help your feet to function naturally.


  • LIGHTWEIGHT & DURABLE - Orthopedic orthoses to relieve pressure on the feet, knees, hips and back. Fit inside your shoe to help your heel recover
  • PREMIUM QUALITY - Our insoles are created with premium quality materials which are lightweight and durable
  • ADVANCED CUSHIONING - Shock absorbers for the feet! Premium quality memory foam and other materials means long-lasting durability and comfort
  • WALK AND RUN WITH EASE - Plantar fasciitis insoles - advanced design for fallen arches. Designed to also help re-align overpronation which can be a cause of pain
  • CUSHIONED FOR COMFORT - You'll immediately feel benefit as the memory foam fits to your personal shape, reducing pain and speeding recovery - With ventilation holes and anti-slip functions
  • TRIM TO SIZE - These insoles can be trimmed with scissors to fit to the exact size required. Wear with shoes, boots, trainers, sandles, slippers etc.

Customer comments:

At last, found the best insoles! After at least 18 months of crippling pain I found the perfect insoles. Slim enough to fit my sandals without buying a bigger shoe. Instant comfort and pain relief. Astounding! Not expensive. Ordered two more for different shoes that I haven't worn for ages. On behalf of my feet, thank you thank you. Bliss. I'm sure it's the heel cushion that tipped the difference. Feel protected and confident to walk more now.

 Third pair I've had of these, best ones I've ever had.Give my feet all the comfort I need and I'm on my feet all day.

100% perfect

These were perfect, I bought these to put in my work shoes. 13 hours on the ward was killing my feet! I have plantar fasciitis and the insoles work a treat. No more pain

 I really enjoy the product. I stand for long periods during the day and my feet don't feel that tired in the evenings

For those that know what it’s like to have Planter Fasciitis these are truly amazing. I could feel the relief from the very first time of using this product. My Planter Fasciitis is now gone but these just feel so nice inside my shoes.... Can’t recommend these highly enough

I suffer from PF exclusively in my heels...Ordinary insoles for PF usually provide no cushion for heel these do. The relief after a few days of wear was great. Although still not pain free they do give the soft cushioning you need to relieve pressure.Maybe in time the PF will improve. Would definitely recommend

These insoles are excellent- I suffer with Plantar Fasciitis and neuropathy pain and have managed to self heel it about 90% but I don’t think you can ever get rid of it completely so these insoles are an absolute godsend - they make walking painless and are actually helping to make it even better - they’re not too thick like others are so they fit well into a boot or shoe without making them tight and the gel part under the heel is bliss. Would highly recommend if you have any foot issue

 Seem to do much of what is claimed - I have acute heel pain. Although theses insoles have not cured the problem, they have certainly eased it enough for me to get round the golf course twice in two days. Came when promised and easy to adjust for correct fit.

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