Close up image of buddah face, part of a giant buddah statue

Buddha & Ganesh

Combat the stress of modern-day life and find peace in your own home with our Buddha and Ganesh stautues, figurines, and other items. Ideal for creating a meditative ambience!

A Buddha is a representation of tranquillity and calmness. Now you can create your own sacred space to channel your mediatation and contemplation, and invite good energy into your home.

You will find our attrractive dieties available in many different poses - standing, sitting, reclining, dancing and so on - so you can place the right diety in the right position for best karma. 

Complete the atmosphere with some of our incense sticks or other Aromatherapy products.

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Buddha Ornaments for Home Decor

Buddha ornaments can be more than mere decoration for your home. With our range of Buddha statues and figures, and other Buddhist-inspired decorative items you can find here, you can certainly aspire to transcend mere aesthetics and learn how to make your home tranquil.

How can this be? Well, Buddha figures are imbued with the essence of Buddhist teachings. This means that they create around them a serene presence. By embracing this style into your décor you can go beyond the visual appeal of these objects, as wonderful as this is, and foster a sense of inner peace in both yourself and your home.

This is because by strategically placing one or more of our thoughtfully crafted Buddha figures and other Buddhist-inspired symbols and decorative items around your home, you have the power to transform an everyday living environment into a perfect sanctuary of calm. You can achieve this if you consciously use items such as these to foster a harmonious and mindful home environment.

Representation of Buddhism through Ornaments

To create the tranquil home with these items, you need to think about going beyond only the outward beauty of these items when choosing your Buddha statutes or ornaments. The outward beauty is important, certainly, but possibly you might also want to be contemplative of Buddhism's profound teachings, and to be reminded of this on a daily basis.

Our Buddha ornaments act as silent emissaries of these teachings. Each figure, whether a seated Buddha or a Thai depiction, embodies a story, itself a lesson in peace, mindfulness, or compassion, resonating with deep philosophical meaning.

On a simple level, picture returning home to a welcoming smile from a Buddha ornament. This might serve as a gentle reminder to release the day's burdens. Or imagine a serene meditating Buddha statue in your living room. This might invite you just to pause and breathe after a hectic day.

But on a deeper level, ornaments like these will serve as subtle prompts to nudge you towards introspection and a profound sense of inner peace, particularly if you purchase for focusing your meditation.

Choosing the Right Buddha Ornament: A Reflection of Your Inner Peace

Selecting the right Buddha statue or figure for you will, if you want it to, let you seamlessly weave the essence of Buddhism into the daily tapestry of your life.

When making your choice, the decision needs to be about what speaks to you, what gives you a sense of calm and tranquillity. Choose the figure or statue that best serves as a mirror to your soul.

Maybe a Laughing Buddha is your style, spreading happiness and prosperity. Or perhaps a meditating Buddha statue aligns more with your zen quest. Possibly also incorporate a singing bowl alongside your Buddha for mindful meditation sessions, to promote chakra alignment and inner harmony.

Consider what the figure or statue or ornament needs to represent for you. This might be tranquillity, joy, or perhaps simply a reminder to stay grounded. Once you have this defined, it will be much easier to make your selection from these pages.

Buddha Statues for Spiritual Harmony

Your choice of Buddha statue or figure or other decoration will be a reflection of what your inner self seeks. It's about making a space that's truly yours, that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also infused with positivity and peace.

To achieve this, you'll find here a whole spectrum of figures and ornaments that will work for you to bring spiritual harmony into your life.  Whether crafted from wood, resin, or stone, these pieces are not just décor but carriers of serenity.

From the calm and tranquil vibes that a meditating Buddha statue radiates, to the joyous laughter of a Laughing Buddha, each piece is different but serves a special purpose, namely to anchor peace for you in a world that hardly ever slows down. However, each piece will also integrate seamlessly into modern home décor.

How To Blend Buddha Statues into Modern Home Décor

Integrating Buddha statues and other Buddhist inspired objects into your home decor should be a seamless and enriching experience.

A meditating Buddha statue radiating tranquillity with a serene expression, for example, can effortlessly become the centrepiece of your living room. It will imbue the space with a sense of peace and calm. It will also serve as a visual prompt, gently urging you and its spectators to quiet the constant hum of daily life.

The key to achieving a successful décor that makes use of these and other Buddhism symbols lies in achieving a harmonious balance between contemporary aesthetics and timeless serenity.

Creating this equilibrium is crucial. For instance, an overabundance of Buddha statues might create a cluttered atmosphere. On the other hand, a solitary Buddha figure might lose its impact.

Begin by establishing a focal point, perhaps a larger resin Buddha with a sleek, glossy finish for a modern touch, or a stone figure to introduce a natural element. Place this chosen piece strategically, where it can effortlessly capture the light or immediately draw attention upon entering the room.

Next, thoughtfully curate complementary decor that resonates with the main statue's zen vibe without overwhelming the visual space.

This approach is achievable even with a modest budget, and thereward is a home that exudes both tranquility and a sense of warm welcome.

Laughing Buddha: Symbol of Happiness and Prosperity

The Laughing Buddha figure is a prime example of how beauty can hold deeper meaning.

Although not a true historical Buddha (more the invention of a Chinese monk known for his kind and humorous personality), this jolly persona, with his belly laughing at life's absurdities, is a beacon of happiness and prosperity.

Legends depict a laughing buddha carrying a sack filled with treats for children, reflecting his kindness and generosity. His laughter is seen as a sign of inner peace and acceptance of life's circumstances.

This therefore makes a laughing Buddha ideal for any spot needing an uplift. But yet again, let yourself recall (both in the choosing and the using) that this Buddhism symbol  is more than mere décor -  it will become a daily reminder to embrace joy and let go of stress.

Strategic placing of a Laughing Buddha - whether perched on a shelf that catches the morning sun or smiling at guests from the entryway – will invite positive vibes and fortune into your home and life. It's like having a permanent guest whose sole mission is to spread good cheer.

Your Path to Peace

Each glimpse of a mini Buddha perched quietly by your bedside table or a larger statue gracing the living room, will serve as a gentle reminder to embrace calm and serenity.

These pieces therefore aren’t just for show. But purchase a Buddha statue for meditation or as a meditation gift and it will genuinely amplify your reflections and inner peace.