Medieval knights in armour and helmets with swords in battle on a fiery battleground

Knight & Princess

Transform your home into a portal to a bygone era! Explore our collection of captivating medieval decor and bring the majesty and mystery of the past to life. Each piece is meticulously crafted to transport you to a world of chivalry, adventure, and romance.

Our collection offers a unique way to weave the rich stories of the medieval period into your living space, sparking conversation and igniting a passion for history.

Embark on your own historical quest and discover the perfect treasures to transform your home into a haven of timeless allure.

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Gifts for Medieval History Lovers: Bringing the Past into Home Decor

Are you seeking a gift for a history buff with a soft spot for knights and princesses, or perhaps for a fantasy fiction aficionado drawn to the allure of dragons and damsels in distress?

Then you will see many great ideas for both knight and princess gifts here to help you make them happy and take them on a thoughtful journey back in time.

(By the way, if dragon gifts  are more your thing, you can check out our Gothic & Fantasy section for more ideas).

Even if you’re not looking for a gift for somebody else, medieval history is also a style of decor you can take on and bring into your own home.

You might be intrigued yourself by those captivating stories of knights, princesses, and adventures oft told. If so, choose figures and ornaments inspired by the medieval era and add these to your home to transform it into your own magical castle!

Unleash Your Inner Knight!

You only have to picture a noble medieval knight kneeling before his liege, adorned in armour, wielding a mighty medieval sword, coat of arms proudly held aloft, chain mail glinting in the light, to bring to the mind's eye thoughts of medieval chivalry and knightly ethos.

If you are the type of person to find this kind of picture enthralling, consider gifting one of our meticulously crafted miniature knight figurines.

These exquisite replicas capture the essence of the medieval period, from the intricately detailed chain mail to the imposing medieval helmet.

You’ll find a number of medieval figurines  in this section of our store that are not only decorative pieces but also serve as reminders of the code of honour and bravery upheld by knights.

You only need to have a look through these pages to get the inspiration you need.  Each exquisite figurine is a testament to the gallantry and rich chronicle of the medieval era.

From Battlefield to Banquet Hall

But medieval life wasn't all about warfare. Having brought history to life with your valiant knights, now extend the experience to the merriment of the medieval dining hall.

Imagine the clinking of tankards and the joyous revelry once enjoyed there. Such mealtimes were a celebration of a wider social camaraderie and solidarity. Recreate this ambiance with our collection of well-crafted tankards and finely decorated goblets.

Adorn your dining table with selections from these items and you will transform mealtimes into a regal affair. These vessels are worthy of any royal feast, not just for display on a sideboard.  

Pair with rich tapestries, warm candlelight, and hearty fare to imbue every sip and morsel with the spirit of medieval hospitality.

Beyond the Banquet Hall: Norse Adventures Await

Having revelled in the spirit of the medieval feast, you can continue on your decor journey northward to ecompass the rugged allure of Viking culture.  

Embrace the spirit of Norse conquest and incorporate elements like Viking shields, axes, and drinking horns into your interior design to evoke a sense of Norse adventure.

A beautifully crafted Viking shield, emblazoned with a traditional design, can be a stunning wall decoration.

Lean one against a wall adorned with a tapestry depicting a Viking longship, and you will instantly create a corner of your home dedicated to these legendary Norse warriors.

Pair with accents such as fur throws, wooden furniture, and earthy hues, to create a cosy yet adventurous ambiance, reminiscent of a Viking longhouse.

A Tapestry Woven Through Time

From the gleaming armour of a valiant medieval knight to the weathered texture of a Viking shield, to the bustling merriment of a medieval feast, your home can indeed be a portal to the romance and mystery of the medieval era.

Whether you're captivated by the stoic heroism of a knight, the adventurous spirit of a Viking, or the grace of a medieval princess, look through our collection of pieces on these pages and see how they offer a unique way to bring the past to life.

Imagine a guest's eye drawn to a gleaming medieval helmet displayed on a stand, or an intricate coat of arms design on a goblet on your dining table.

These pieces become more than simply objects or functional items. They become windows into a bygone era.

Your Own Historical Quest

The key to unlocking the true magic of these items lies in an appreciation of the medieval world itself. To build this appreciation, embark upon your own historical quest.

Select pieces that resonate with your personal connection to the medieval era. Explore through them the fascinating stories of chivalry and courtly love you’ll find in this period.

Perhaps this will manifest itself through your purchase of a meticulously crafted miniature knight to hold place of honour on your bookshelf, that you will have there to be a constant reminder of otherwise forgotten battles and noble deeds.

Or, it might be a collection of themed tableware to enable you to fully indulge your historical imagination (and possibly transform an everyday mealtime into a mini-medieval feast with a clinking goblet or two).

But when you have this appreciation, the next time you find yourself looking for a gift for the history enthusiast in your life, or a new focal point in your home, you will know the possibilities are as vast and varied as the era itself.

A Haven of Timeless Allure

Incorporating elements of medieval history into your home decor isn't just about paying homage to the past; it's about imbuing your living spaces with a sense of mystery, romance, and adventure.

Each meticulously crafted piece, whether it be a knightly figurine, a regal tapestry, or a Viking drinking vessel, serves as a gateway to a bygone era, inviting you and your guests to embark on a journey through time and imagination. 

The possibilities are endless, and the stories the pieces you select for your home are waiting to tell will be as rich and vibrant as the era itself.