How To Get Your Home Smelling Sweet: A Guide to Incense Sticks and Cones

How To Get Your Home Smelling Sweet: A Guide to Incense Sticks and Cones

How To Get Your Home Smelling Sweet: A Guide to Incense Sticks and Cones

There’s no doubt about it – a home with a pleasant and inviting smell is somewhere we would all like to live. Incense sticks and cones have been used for centuries to create a relaxing, calming ambience in homes and rooms used for meditation. But if you’re new to using them, it can all be a little confusing - intimidating, even! No worries, though! We’ll show you how to use incense sticks and cones to create a home that smells just how you want it to. You’ll soon have your home bathed in fragrances you love without any fuss.

What Are Incense Sticks and Cones?

Incense sticks and cones are a mixture of aromatic plant materials and resins that release fragrant smoke when burned. Don’t worry, there are plenty of different scents to choose from, so you will certainly find at least one (probably, quite a lot!) you’ll love. Whether you’re thinking of a calming lavender scent or a refreshing citrus fragrance, there’s definitely something in our selection of fragrances that will suit you. Still, it may not be the first one you thought of!  

How to Use Incense Sticks and Cones

The first question is: where should I burn my sticks or cones? You need somewhere that is going to be safe. You should get yourself a small ceramic dish or incense burner. This is perfect for holding the stick and for catching any ash. A burner or dish will keep the surrounding area safe. Take a look at some of the ones we offer here.

Next, ensure the area around the burner and around you is well-ventilated. You need the smoke to circulate freely, but, on the other hand, you don’t want to be directly inhaling it.

The area around the burner should also be free of any flammable objects. The ash from the stick or cone will be hot, but not so hot it will likely set fire to anything, but it is best not to have anything that could set alight to be completely sure and safe.

How to use an incense stick

Now you have to actually light your stick or cone. To light an incense stick:

  1. Hold it by the uncoated end.
  2. Light the coated end with a lighter or match.
  3. Once the flame catches, blow it out. This will leave a glowing ember at the end.
  4. Put the incense stick into the burner or ceramic dish, so you can see the fragrant smoke rising from the stick.  

For cones, place the cone onto the incense burner or ceramic dish and light the tip of the cone with a lighter or match. Once the cone tip catches and burns for a few seconds, blow the flame out. The fragrant smoke will rise as the cone burns, just as with the stick.

Some Important Do’s and Don’ts

You should follow some basic safety precautions when using incense sticks and cones. Here are a few dos and don’ts to keep in mind:


  • Do only burn incense in a well-ventilated area.
  • Do use an incense burner or ceramic dish to hold the stick or cone securely and catch any ash from the burning.
  • Do experiment with different fragrances. You need to find the ones you really like that suit you and make you feel good.


  • Don’t burn incense in a closed room.
  • Don’t burn incense near sensitive individuals, such as asthmatics or pregnant women.
  • Don’t burn incense while sleeping.
  • Don’t burn incense sticks and cones for more than an hour at a time.

Creating a Sweet-Smelling Home with Incense

Hopefully, you can see now that incense sticks and cones are a straightforward way to add a sweet-smelling touch to any room. Whatever atmosphere or mood you are trying to create, if you choose the right fragrance, you should be able to achieve it. Whether that is a calming and relaxing space for yourself or an energising and invigorating one. There are so many fragrances with glorious names to choose from, you will find the perfect one for you and your home. But it may take a while! So don’t be afraid to experiment. This is why our selection offers several assortment packs, where you get a mixture of fragrances in one box to try out.

Here are a few tips for incorporating incense sticks and cones into your life and home decor:

  • Experiment with different scents to find the right one for you. If you’re unsure where to start, try out some more popular scents like lavender, sandalwood, jasmine, and citrus.
  • Experiment with the placement of your incense sticks or cones in your home. Think about the type of atmosphere or mood you would like to create in specific parts of your living space. For example, you could burn lavender-scented incense sticks in your bedroom to create a calming and relaxing environment.

Incense burning in bedroom to create peaceful ambience

  • Think about the decorative element of the burners and dishes you might need. As you’ll see on our burner pages, these are available in all sorts of shapes and designs. Finding some to match the theme and style of your home décor will not be difficult!