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Panic Alarm - personal security alarm - portable burglar alarm - wireless PIR intruder detection and attack alarm - for home or travel


The Personal Alarm from TechAffect with PIR Sensor is an affordable, effective motion alarm that can be used to deter intruders.
It can also be used as a personal alarm and even comes with a mini torch.

This neat little device is just under 8cm (3 inches) long and easily fits in a handbag or pocket.  The mid section slides down to
reveal the motion sensor and allows the unit to stand neatly on any flat surface.  Switch on and after a 35 second delay you now
have a motion sensor alarm in operation. Any movement within a 3 meter (appox. 9 feet) arc in front or the unit will set of a piercing
120 dB alarm.  Imagine the extra peace of mind this could bring to a student staying away from home.  The uses are endless from a
simple secondary alarm at home to a hotel room alarm or that extra bit of security for your valuables or out building.

In addition this handy little gadget can also be used as a normal rape alarm activated by pulling the pin  located on the top of the unit.
The Pin can easily be fitted to a key ring or neck cord. Also has a handy wrist cord.


In an emergency or harassment situation, simply gently pull the Alarm pull-pin slightly and the
Travel Guard instantly sounds at 120dB. Please note: the pull-pin only requires a gentle pull
to activate the Alarm; does not detach from the Alarm. To stop the Alarm simply gently push the
pull-pin back down. Total movement of pull-pin is 1-2mm only.

The convenient size of the Travel Guard makes it perfect for concealing and travelling.

* Dimensions: 78 x 38 x 24 mm
* Main materials: ABS plastic
* Battery: 3 x AG13 included
* 100dB sound level

Please note: There is a plastic battery isolator strip inside the battery compartment. This strip must be removed prior to use.

  • SALE - WHILE STOCKS LAST - Passive Infrared (PIR) motion sensor alarm and Mini personal rape alarm
  • Incudes English instruction sheet
  • Batteries included
  • Mini LED flashlight
  • Please remember to take out the plastic battery tab before use

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