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Sell to us

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How to sell to us - become a Supplier

New products are always welcome, and our sourcing team is always on the lookout for new and exciting products, whether it is in our Gifts, Personal, Active or Helpful categories. Whether it be a non-repeatable surplus or liquidation line or whether you are a manufacturer or master distributor able to offer us a consistent and reliable supply of a single product, our sourcing team will be pleased to receive a short email presentation from you. We never rule anything out. Any products you do suggest to us should be consistent with our main categories and preferably related or complementary to products you already see in our webstore, or which extend current product areas.

If you do have anything you would like to suggest in which you think we might be interested, please send your presentation to :-

We are happy to hear from you whether you are located inside or outside of the UK, anywhere in the world. We have a vast knowledge and experience of importing products into the UK and can help you and your brand enter or penetrate further the UK and EC markets.

Please include as much information on your product as possible. Include images, descriptions, terms and conditions and pricing. Please bear in mind that we will only consider:

  • High-quality merchandise guaranteed by our suppliers to maintain our reputation and customer satisfaction.
  • No seconds.
  • National brands where feasible.
  • Where national brands do not reflect optimum quality and value, private label/own brand will be considered.
  • Private-label/own-brand merchandise specification must meet or exceed the leading national brands.
  • Items in gift or retail packaging only. Packaging needs to be environmentally friendly, and must comply with E.U. and UK packaging regulations.

Your pricing should represent the lowest possible acquisition price, and should include details of your expected spoil rate, whether you will accept returns direct from our customers, and so on. We buy for our inventory and hold stock, so that we can give our customers the quickest delivery and best possible customer service. When we make a large purchase from a new supplier, we normally expect to see an independent confirmation of at least a Level II AQL pass.

We seek suppliers who share our values, our commitment to uncompromising quality, and our passion for delighting and serving our customers. We look for the highest standards in our suppliers, not just in product quality, but also in business ethics, social compliance, and human rights, business goverance and financial stability. In this way, we build strong relationships with our key suppliers based on mutual respect, transparency and sustainability.

We appreciate your contacting us. Unfortunately, however, we cannot guarantee a response time due to pressures on our sourcing team and where we are in our purchasing cycle at any particular moment. However, please rest assured our sourcing team or MD will do our very best to carefully consider and reply to all presentations potential suppliers may forward to us.