Stamford Premium Hex Incense Sticks - Buddha - Pack of 6 (Approx. 120 sticks)


Buddha Stamford Hex Incense Sticks - Buddha

Incense is an inexpensive way of adding fragrance and ambience to your home. We have a vast collection to choose from.

Sit back, relax and enjoy the subtlety of lavender, as the aromas of this incense infuse the air around you.

Incense is still one of the most popular ways to add fragrance to your home or workplace and is a great gift to give to your friends and family. 

  • Length 23cm

  • Brand: Stamford Premium Hex
  • Material: Hand rolled top quality incense, resins and plant material.
  • Fragrance: Lavender
  • Approximate Sticks Per Pack: 20
  • Approximate Burn Time: 30 Minutes
  • Cruelty Free: Yes
  • Vegan: Yes