A4-Size Folding Hands-Free Magnifier Sheet - 2.5x - 4x Magnification, 12 LEDs

Type: Magnifiers

Giant hands-free magnifier ideal for reading books, newpapers and so on without needing to constantly move the magnifier. 


  • IDEAL MAGNIFICATION - 2.5x minimum - 4x maximum magnification, depending on the distance from the reading object. The optical grade lens evenly distributes the light with no hot spots so you can enjoy clarity and detail. Perfect for reading books, documents, newspapers, instruction guides, and so on. Extremely useful gift for any family elder who might be suffering from eyesight problems, such as glaucoma and cataract.  
  • HANDS FREE USE - SELF-SUPPORTING ON 4 LEGS - Foldable legs mean the magnifier can be supported above your reading material without needing to be held in the hand, convenient both to use and for storage.
  • FULL PAGE ILLUMINATION - At approximately A4 size, the magnifier provides a large field of view to easily read books without the inconvenience of having to keep moving the magnifier. The 12 LEDs light the whole area being viewed. Light is adjustable via a switch on the side of the magnifier.
  • LED LIGHTING - The Magnifier has 12 LED lights built in for illumination in circumstances where the ambient light may not be bright enough, or where eyesight is not so good. Lights can be powered either by USB from a mains charger, laptop or power bank; or power can be provided by 3 'AAA' batteries (not included). LEDs are rated for at least 50,000 hours. Brightness is controlled by switch on side (2 brightness settings). 
  • MULTIPLE WAYS TO USE - Use supplied neck cord to wear magnifier around neck, or flip the four corners to stand it up on a table or dektop over your subject material, for full hands-free usage.  Or hold in your hand, either landscape or portrait. Magnifier companion for elderly to enjoy reading - don't let your family member or relative have to work hard to read the small print on those coupons and newspapers! 
  • LIGHTWEIGHT, PORTABLE & DURABLE - Weighs only 235g (without batteries). Lightweight due to PVC lens. Yet durable. Compared to glass magnifiers, it is exceptionally light, durable and not easily broken unlike a glass magnifier.  Lightweight and easily portable with a distortion free lens to ensure you enjoy close-up detail and clarity.
  • SUITABLE FOR MANY USES -  Magnifer ideal for those who enjoy embroidery, knitting, sewing, handicrafts and any other hobbies where precision is needed. It is also perfect for reading, especially for maps and directories or for those who are visually impaired. Especially suitable for the elderly, due to the light weight, hands-free nature, illumination, and high level of magnification. 


  • Boxed
  • Material: PVC and ABS
  • Magnification: 2.5 times (minimum)
  • Weight: Approx. 235 grams (without batteries)
  • Product size: 30 x 20.3 x 10.6 cms
  • Package size: 30 x 21.5 x 2.5 cms
  • Power: Dual power. Either USB (cable included) or 3 x 'AAA' batteries (not included)
  • LED Brightness adjustable: Off; 100% (12 LEDs on); 50% (6 LEDs on)

Customer comments:

Works well
Didnt need instructions - it works really well. No glare. Props up easily. Magnifies very well. This really is a decent product.

Easy to use
I like using this magnifier. Use it for reading in bed. I should have purchased it earlier

lighting good
This item works great. Makes my needlepoint much easier to see

 Let's me get a closer look
At 85 I find it difficult to focus on small print, on delicate projects (like threading a needle). With this light-weight generously-sized magnifier I can do a lot more and read much smaller print without squinting. Delighted with it!

Very good
Good - works as advertised

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