Hands Free Dual LED Flexible Neck Light - 6 LEDs

Type: Book Lights

Hands Free Flexible Light

The flexible dual light allows you to read books, magazines and other reading materials in low light, hands free!

Wear the bendable light around your neck, stand it upright, or twist it around any object for ideal placement when reading or working. The super bright white LEDs on each end give you focused light that can also be used to improve lighting while working on your computer, sewing, or doing other tasks in poor light.


  • BEND ARMS TO DESIRED SHAPE OR POSITION - Stand it upright. Twist it around any object. Strong, bendable arms. Both ends are completely twistable so you can direct the light where you need it. Easily adjust to desired shape or configuration. Lights then stay in the shape until changed. 
  • KEEPS THE SHAPE - Once you have the light shining where you need it, the arms 'lock' into that position until you change the shape again.
  • LIGHTS AT BOTH ENDS - 6 Super bright white LED's in total -  3 on each arm. The light on each arm has its own on / off switch, so the separate lights can be used independently of each other if desired.
  • INDEPENDENT ON / OFF SWITCHES - Each lighted end has its own on/off switch. Strong, easy-flex arms bend to desired shape and stay there!
  • IDEAL FOR READING OR OTHER TASKS - Ideal for doing anything that requires hands-free focused light. 
  • FOCUSSED LIGHT -  In a dark area, each light gives a bight, focused beam, about 10 - 15 cms in diameter.  Together, both lights effectively illuminate a space about the size of a page or keyboard in low-light or dark environments. 
  • GREAT FOR TRAVEL - Perfect for airplane flights or buses or trains at night where you want to read but the supplied lighting may not be good enough. Or if you don't want to turn on the overhead light and bother neighbouring passengers who want to doze. Very lightweight. 
  • GOOD BATTERY LIFE - Depending on usage, you should get at least 12 - 20 hours of bright light from one 'AA' battery (not included) before lights start to dim. Can use lights at either end independently of each other (saves battery). 
  • Power: Runs on 1 'AA' battery (not included)
  • Size: Approx. 20 x 2.5 x 20 cms
  • Weight: Approx. 80g
  • Colour: Black

Customer comments:

Light - easy to wear
I bought 2 of these lights, one for a lady for her knitting and the other for an elderly gentleman for when he is reading. Both love them, and it makes their hobbies easier on the eyes

Neck light
Nice and bright light. Great for using do cross stich or other close work.

works well, good for nursing night duty

Convenient and flexible. Do the job perfectly
Well designed and convenient particularly for reading or doing arts and crafts. Lightweight and flexible. Great for reading in bed.

Excellent book lamp.
Bright lights, (you will only need one side illuminated) and comfortable to wear around the neck (unlike cheaper ones). Great to read in bed without disturbing your anybody! Recommended.

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