Toe Separator / Bunion Corrector/Splint - (1 Pair, one for each foot)

Type: Toe Spacers

A Toe Separator to increase space between the big toe and second toe for bunion relief, better joint alignment for pain relief and to help prevent the need for surgical treatment.


  • Small and lightweight
  • Made from high quality medical silicone gel material, soft and comfortable
  • Designed for people who suffer from the hallux valgus (bunions)
  • Easy to clean


Almost one in four adults and one in three seniors suffers hallux valgus. Bunions can develop at any age. The main sign of a bunion is the big toe pointing towards the other toes on the same foot, which may force the bone attached to it (the first metatarsal) to stick outwards.

This Toe Seperator can improve and help relieve and prevent symptoms such as:

  • A swollen, bony bump on the outside edge of your foot
  • Pain and swelling over your big toe joints
  • Hard, callused and red skin caused by your big toe and second toe overlapping
  • Sore skin over the top of the bunion

If no action is taken on bunions, they can lead to further problems. For example:

- They can cause arthritis in your big toe and push your second toe out of place.
- Problems can also develop after bunion surgery.

So we suggest if you having this type of problem with your foot, you get your Toe Seperators today!