PU Sport Full Length Extra-wide Orthotic Inserts with Arch Support


Sport Full Length Extra-wide Orthotic PU Inserts with Arch Support.

Polyurethane (PU) insoles are designed for those who lead a highly active lifestyle, especially for people involved with sporting activities. This is due to the high shock-absorption capabilities of the material. Rather than just absorbing the shock, polyurethane actually turns this energy around and uses it to increase and enhance performance. This means that Polyurethane Insoles are highly durable and stabilising.

Best shock absorption & cushioning insoles for plantar fasciitis, running, flat feet, heel spurs & foot pain - for Men & Women.

  • ARCH SUPPORT - Unique arch support designed for better sports experience - provides a convenient and extremely soothing solution to flat feet, runner’s knee, shin splints and achilles tendinitis problems. Helps with relief of metatarsal arch and heel pain, assists correction of abnormal walking patterns. Other problems, such as metatarsalgia (ball of foot pain), patellofemoral syndrome (knee pain), plantar fasciitis and low back pain, can all be helped by using these Insoles.
  • SHOCK ABSORPTION - Unique buffered forefoot and heel areas absorb shock on every step, every jump. These special buffer areas complement the soft PU construction of the insert with its thick layer of memory foam. Superb cushioning and control of every downward force impact of the foot while the special cupped heel shape cradles, supports, and protects the hindfoot and ankle. Extra width of the Insole completes the cradling and stabilisation.
  • SUPERIOR MATERIAL - Constructed from soft and flexible PU with an extra generous layer of memory foam on top (see picture to see how thick the foam layer actually is!). The high elasticity of the PU material makes these super-comfort orthotic Insoles extremely flexible and soft - you will actually feel like you are walking or running on a cloud! For maximum comfort and stability, your heel is cradled as you move, perfect for improving performance physical activity.
  • ROBUST FUNCTIONALITY - Use when rock climbing, playing ball games, playing sports, camping, running and more. Your performance will only be enhanced. Or just use to withstand and enjoy periods when you may need to be on your feet for a prolonged time. No matter when or how you use, you will find the ergonomic design and lightweight, highly comfortable nature of this orthotic with its arch support and unique shock absorbing buffer areas will provide long lasting hours of comfort!
  • METICULOUS DESIGN - Our Mission is to provide you with exceptional support for proper foot posture and arch support. With meticulous design pain and discomfort is overcome. Semi-rigid arch support and cupped heel provide additional support and stability while on the go. Shock buffer areas further improve wearability and comfort. Extra width and more room in the toe box for a comfortable fit in any shoe. Non-slip heel to hold the Insole securely in place throughout the day.


  • Sizes available: As shown above
  • Material: PU, memory foam