Ridged Griddle Pan - Square 28cms x 28 cms - Suitable for all Hob Types including Induction - Oven-Safe - Non-Stick Stone-Like Coating - Removal Handle


Introducing the Ridged Griddle Pan, part of the Napoleon Imperial 'Stone Noire' collection of cookware - your new go-to for achieving perfectly seared dishes every time!

Crafted from durable Die-Cast Aluminum, this griddle pan handles high heat with ease, providing restaurant-quality results in the comfort of your own kitchen.

Its non-stick stone-like cooking surface ensures effortless food release and easy cleanup, making it an ideal choice for busy home chefs.

The removable handle allows for convenient stovetop and oven use, ensuring this versatile pan transitions seamlessly from cooking to serving. With its generous 28 cms x 28 cms square size, you can cook up multiple portions at once.

Designed with ridged edges to enhance grill marks on meats and vegetables alike, this skillet is perfect for everything from breakfast pancakes to seared steaks. And with its oven-safe construction (without handle), you can finish dishes in the oven or broiler without ever transferring them to a new dish.

Make sure this RIDGED GRIDDLE PAN is part of your kitchenware collection today!