Scrub-a-Gloves Scrubbing Brush Gloves - 1 Pair


There will always be some surfaces in the home that are very difficult to clean, either because dirt gets more worn-in than usual, or simply because they are hard to reach with normal scourers. 

With the Scrub-a-Gloves Scrubbing Brush Gloves, however, these problems are solved. These are heavy duty gloves capable of cleaning a huge range of surfaces such as taps, tile grouting, windowsills, bike wheels and chains, tyres, ovens, delicate surfaces, and many more. The only limit is your imagination!


  • A BRUSH BY FINGER - Scrubbing Brush Gloves - a scrubbing brush at the end of each finger! There is nothing more adaptable than a human finger, and when you put a tough little brush at the end of each finger, there is no cleaning job you cannot tackle! Soft bristles.
  • HARD TO REACH SURFACES - Great for cleaning those normally hard to reach surfaces, like the inside of jars or cups, or right inside the sink drain for example. Back of spouts and inside taps, too. Good for windows as well. Venetian blinds, easy! 
  • PACK OF TWO - 1 pair (2 Gloves) per pack. Scrub-a-Gloves can be used as cleaning gloves for almost anything. Always have a spare pair in hand. Don't forget - Each heavy duty glove has 5 brushes, one on each finger and thumb. Although the bristles are soft, these Gloves are not softies when it comes to getting things clean!
  • DELICATE SURFACES - Scrub-a-Gloves are great for delicate surfaces, like inside of glass vases, or venetian blinds. Because the brush is right at your fingertip, you feel exactly how much pressure you are exerting onto the delicate surface. Less chance of mishap!
  • TOUGH JOBS - No problem! Whether it's cleaning down a bike chain or the oven, the Scrub-a-Gloves Scrubbing Brush Gloves will come to your assistance.
  • PROTECT HAND AND NAILS - When the job is done, remove the gloves and your hands and nails are still perfect!
  • TOUGH AND HARD WEARING -  Scrub-a-Gloves are heavy duty gloves that can be used for difficult cleaning jobs in the bathroom and around the toilet. One pair of gloves with scrubbing brushes are capable of cleaning a huge range of surfaces, although two pairs would be better!
  • USE THEM ANYWHERE - Such as taps, tile grouting, windowsills, bike wheels and chains, tyres, ovens, delicate surfaces, and much more. Ideal for household, kitchen washing up dish brush, bathroom or workshop. Dishes. Oven. Bikes or Toilet. Even helpful in the preparation of vegetables - use to remove unwanted skins.
  • MACHINE WASHABLE - Can be safely washed in the washing machine.


  • Gloves are boxed. 1 Pair (2 Gloves) per box.
  • Material: Silicone, PVC
  • Colour: Blue
  • Brushes per Glove: 5
  • Soft bristles
  • protects hands and nails
  • One size (aprox.: 14 x 27.5 cm)