USB Single Action Foot Switch Support

This Page is specially for customers who have purchased our PC Computer USB Single Action Foot Switch, as shown here.

This USB mechanical switch can be used to send instructions to your computer to perform a pre-programmed action or set of actions with each single press of the switch. This is espiecally useful where you find yourself inputting via the computer keyboard the same series of keystrokes, for example. Now they can be replaced by a single press of the switch, using your foot (or hand).

You program the switch once, to work as either a single press of a single key on your computer keyboard, or combination of key strokes, or mouse or string. You can download the programming software from the link below.


Software Download

 You only have to run the software in order to program the switch to work the way you want it to, or if you need to change the way the switch functions. Once you have programmed the switch, the software does not need to run in order for the switch to work. No other software is needed.

Please note that the switch programming software (download here) only runs on Windows systems. Therefore, you need access to a Windows computer in order to program your switch. However, once the switch has been programmed on a Windows computer, you can then use the switch on any system, including Linux and Mac



Install the software

The software downloads as a compressed (.zip) file. Download the file to any Windows-based PC.  Extract the zipped file to any location on your PC and then double-click on the extracted file to install the software. (Please note: If you have any previous version of 'Footswitch' software installed, that will need to be Uninstalled first). 


Program the Switch

 Please note the following:-

  • The programming software will only run on a Windows PC
  • The software is only required to program the switch initially, or to make a change to the programming; once the switch is programmed, you do not need to run the software in order to use the switch
  • Once the switch has been programmed under Windows, it can then be used with any computer, including Linux, Mac, etc. systems

Double-click on the software .exe file or its link on your PC and plug in your switch to your PC. This is what you will see:-

Footswitch software 1


 To program the switch, select 'Single press' under 'Model' on the right, and click the 'Initializiation' button. After a few seconds, a popup will appear 'Initialization is successful'. Click OK to clear this popup and then click the 'Clear' button. You are now ready to enter any key or key combination in the green box. When you have entered your desired key or key combination, click the 'Save' button. A popup will appear 'Successfully set'. Your switch is now ready for use! 


Example setting

In the example below, we have entered the key combination that brings up the Task Manager on a Windows PC. Now when the switch is pressed, Task Manager appears with just one press of the switch, instead of the 3 keys being pressed on the computer keyboard.

Footswitch software 2

 You can now close the software, you do not need to have the software running any more unless and until you wish to re-program the switch to perform a different function.


Use more than one Switch

Multiple switches can be connected to one computer, simply program each switch independently.


Further Help

If you require any further assistance in setting up your footswitch, or encounter any problems or difficulty, simple email: