FizzSeal 10 Can Toppers (Assorted colours) - Turn Your Drink Can Into a Bottle!


The innovative FizzSeal can topper (pack of 10) - Tap it on the can, keep your bubbles! It's a drinks can cover can you can unscrew and drink through.

Now, you can drink from cans in a more comfortable and hygienic way, with FizzSeal can toppers. In addition, with a FizzSeal topper on your can, your fizzy drink will keep its fizz a lot longer. So you can take more time to enjoy your drink!

Just pop one onto your can and tap! It's that easy!

Each pack includes 10 toppers in assorted colours.


  • HYGIENIC & USEFUL  -10 Pack FizzSeal fizz keeper caps - turn your favourite canned drinks instantly and comfortably into bottles or beer savers.
  • REUSABLE AND EASY TO CLEAN - Drinks saver - Designed to fit most drink cans, tap a topper onto your can - stops your drink from going flat, for much longer than normal.
  • EASY TO USE - Each topper is very simple to use - simply tap it onto the top of the can and enjoy your favourite drink in a more hygienic way! And pause drinking and leave your can without any bugs or insects getting in the can and still have it fizzy!
  • PRACTICAL AND EFFECTIVE - preserves the fizz of carbonated beverages for longer. Pack of 10 comes in different colours - useful to distinguish your own drink easily from other family members.
  • SAFE AND EASY TO USE - these plastic lids are made of BPA-free plastic which is non-toxic so very safe for children.

A versatile drink can cover

The FizzSeal stoppers are a versatile drink can cover. More than just a cap to preserve your beverage's fizz, our innovative product acts as a convenient drink can cover, but one you can unscrew the top of allowing you to sip your favorite fizzy drinks with ease and comfort. 

Bottle topper for cans

Some people describe this as a 'bottle topper for cans' because when you tap a FizzSeal topper onto a can, the can works like a bottle - assuming the bottle has a screw cap that is!

Coke can topper

The FizzSeal can topper is ideal for Coke cans!

Drinks can lid

A FizzSeal is better than a simple drinks can lid, because you don't have to remove a FizzSeal topper each time you want to take a sip from your can, as you would with a simple lid.

Customer comments:

Does what I wanted it for.
I wanted the can to be identifiable as mine (so many of my colleagues drink the same juice), to help reduce spillage if knocked over and to stop anything from getting or falling into an open tin.  I love these things and definitely recommend them.

Good, Practical Product
This is an easy item to use and very hygienic in these virus ridden times. They fix to pop and beer cans with ease and are easily cleaned. Each person can have their own cover so germs are less likely to be passed. Also saves on washing up and can be used outside saving any germs from cans bought at retail shops. A very good product.

Great for the kids
Amazing little gadget. My kids love them. We'll worth the money. Than can pop off if you turn the can all the way upside down. They do actually keep the drink fizzy for ages.

fab product
Great for keeping flies and wasps out of your can of juice.. just don't lift from the top of it comes off.. perfect for the garden or the car

Great product. 
These are a great little gadget for keeping can of juice for longer. So you don't need to drink it all in one go. Great for also keeping the flies out when your are out in the sun. I use mine for golf and it stops you from spilling it when your can is in your golf can holder.