80mm 5x Imitation Rosewood Handle / Gold Magnifying Glass

Type: Magnifiers

A wonderful magnifying glass that is a delight to look at, hold, and use. The gorgrous imitation Rosewood handle and gold rim and detailing will fit even the most luxurious of office desks or home decors. And with a glass lens that offers extra clarity for viewing the smallest of print or tiniest of objects, it is extremely practical too!

Features :

  • Real glass lens, 80mm diameter edge-to-edge
  • Imitation Rosewood wooden handle
  • Sturdy metal neck and rim, in gold, with gold handle detailing
  • Solid feel in the hand
  • Compact with no sharp edges

Specifications :

  • Effective lens diameter: 67mm
  • Magnifier length: 165mm
  • Lens magnification: 5x
  • Weight: approx. 90g

More information

The real glass lens gives very high light transmission for a clearer image.

For best results in seeing close up, try and use the magnifier in good quality light. If possible natural daylight is best or a good lamp with a daylight bulb. 

This magnifier offers extra sharpness and clarity when viewing small print or objects. And with no sharp edges, it is ideal for home, office or for travel. 

Customer comments:

Fantastic! Can't live without it
I wear reading glasses but sometimes, instructions are so small on products or tins of food, I need this. It's great and will be used every day. Also, it's heavy, beautifully made and very 'non cheap' look and feel.

Satisfy your inner Sherlock Holmes.
Need a prop for a Victorian professor? Look no further. It even has a satisfying heft in the hand. And it does actually magnify things!

A solid magnifying class.
Solid and well made, I use it for stamps and coins and find it perfect. I recommend it to anyone who wants one for that purpose.

Five Stars
Weighty and feels good in the hand. Looks good as well. Magnifies!

Bought as a gift
Bought for my 70 year old mother to use. She thinks it is brilliant and helps with reading the small print on medication

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