5x Magnifying Glass with 10 LED light

Type: Magnifiers

Handheld Magnifier with 10 Bright LEDs and large easy-grip handle. In White or Black. With up to 5 times magnification.

  • PRACTICAL AND EFFECTIVE lighted magnifying glass. Wide handle makes for a very comfortable grip. Ten white high brightness LEDs provide an even and gentle illumination of the subject being viewed through the magnifier. The large easy-grip handle makes it ideal for children or older people alike who may have difficulty forming a tight grip.
  • EASY TO USE Bright LEDs shine light just where you need it - right on what you're trying to view. Just push the switch up on the handle, and the LED is ON.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT & DURABLE LIGHTED - ideal for reading small print, viewing small details - Comfortable handle suitable for children and adults. Ideal for viewing in dim light conditions. For viewing fine details in books, newspapers, food labels, magazines, stamps, maps, electronics, miniatures, jewellery, and crafts.
  • STURDY hand lens . You will truly appreciate the convenience. In a restaurant or a theatre, where the lights are dim or for reading, for example.
  • BUILT TO LAST - This powerful magnifying glass is a useful aid for any visually impaired person. The best way to use is to hold as close to the eye as possible and bring the subject closer to the lens until it is in focus. Very good for people with low vision difficulty or macular degeneration.
Ideal as :
  • Magnifying glass for hobbies
  • Powerful Magnifying glass for reading fine print
  • Pocket magnifying glass
  • Kids Magnifying glass
  • Hobby magnifier
  • Includes 10x white LED, with high brightness, even and gentle illumination
  • Lens effective diameter: 67mm
  • 5X magnification
  • Power supply: 2 x AA batteries (Not included)
  • Material: ABS
  • Size: 188 x 88 x 18mm

Customer comments:

You get what you pay for...
Good Build Quality, Good Lens and heading at high speed for the Invaluable category.
... Having tried other lighted magnifiers, this one really is the business. It works - a big consideration when you have lights built in - the lens is wide and with low distortion - the handle is nice and chunky for those with reduced grip. Having a number of magnifiers handy (including a desk mounted angle poise lamp/magnifier) you know you have found a good product and a useful aid when it's the one you reach for first. I would prefer a lower price - but given the balance of need and cost, this one is the winner.

Super magnifier with good lens
I use this magnifying glass every day. The ied's lights mean you can see the detail of anything you look at very clearly. The switch can get dirty but I clean mine with a quick spray of Switch Cleaner. Recommended

Good Quality Product
Quickly delivered and reasonable price. The torch required 2 AA batteries not supplied. Very pleased with it and would recommend
1) Nice quality, good appearance & not too big
2) Clear & effective magnification
3) Bright & even illumination from the 10 LED

Just what my partially sighted Mum needed and a very reasonable price.

Now reading again
Bought this for an "Older Lady" who has difficulty reading - needs the magnifier and the light. She loves it - uses it all the time and has remembered how much she enjoys reading. Pity it doesn't have a DC input plug! but anyway it's great on battery.

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