45mm x 45mm Pullout Handheld Magnifying Glass with Light - 3x Primary 6x Secondary

Type: Magnifiers

Pocket magnifiers are convenient tools for people with low vision. Because this 45mm x 45mm 3 times magnification lens with LED light retracts into a case only around 9 x 6 cms it is lightweight and portable, and so therefore useful for a wide variety of purposes. A simple pull makes the lens itself glide out from the case.

  • WITH LAMP - handly size pull-out makes for very comfortable holding. LED provides even and gentle illumination. Dual lens - Large primary rectangular lens and small round more powerful secondary lens.
  • MAGNIFIER WITH LED - Rectangular Handheld Pullout style Magnifier. With illumination!! Bright LEDs shine just where you need it - right on what you're trying to view. Automatically comes on when lens pulled out.
  • FOR READING - Comfortable to hold suitable for children and adults. Ideal for reading / viewing in dim light conditions - Ideal for viewing fine details in books, newspapers, and for food labels, magazines, stamps, hobbies, maps, electronics, miniatures, jewellery, hobbies and crafts. etc. - Very good for people with low vision difficulty
  • MAGNIFYING GLASS FOR HOBBIES The best way to use is to hold as close to the eye as possible and bring the subject closer to the lens until it is in focus. 
  • Primary Lens - 3x 45mm by 45mm square
  • Secondary Lens - 6x 20mm Diameter circular
  • Uses 3 x R1130 batteries (included)
  • Length - when closed up - 9.2 cms
  • Length - when pulled out completely - 16.5 cms
  • Width - when closed up - 6.5 cms
  • Actual size of lens (ignoring the insert lens) 4.5 cms x 4.5 cms (approx)
  • Weight with batteries:- 68g
  • Box size: 10.5 cms x 7 cms x 2 cms
  • Light comes on automatically when lens is pulled out.


Magnifier can slip easily into pocket or purse, and lens pulled out for use when needed. Lens won't scratch when retracted in the case. You will truly appreciate the convenience in a restaurant or a theatre, where the lights are dim, for example. Plus you can always have it with you at a restaurant or grocery store when you need it.

Customer comments: 

Light Easy magnifier
Ideal for small print instructions!

Very nice good value.


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