TechAffect 'Classic' Magnifying Glass

Type: Magnifiers

This is our 'Classic' Magnifier. It's a large 75mm classic round magnifier, giving 5x high quality magnification. It's all you need for that little extra help seeing close up.

This magnifying glass has a real glass lens. High quality glass lenses are more scratch and stain resistant than plastic lenses. Furthermore, a glass lens gives very high light transmission for a clearer image.

This magnifying glass has a strong metal rim and a plastic handle that is very comfortable to use.


  • Real glass lens
  • Sturdy metal neck and rim
  • Strong plastic handle
  • 5x magnification (makes things up to five times larger)
  • Large 75mm lens
  • Suitable for reading, stamp collecting, hobbies, etc.
  • Compact and lightweight


  • 5x Magnification power
  • Length of magnifier: 17cms
  • Boxed; Box size 17 x 8 x 1.5 cms
  • Weight: Magnifier only - 108g

The strength of a magnifier is sometimes referred to as its 'power' and is usually expressed as a multiple with the x (*times) sign. This is a 5x magnifier. It makes items viewed through it appear up to 5 times larger.

The best way to use a magnifying glass is to hold it as close to the eye as possible and bring the subject closer to the lens until it is in focus. For best results, try to use the magnifier in good quality light. If possible natural daylight is best or a good lamp with a daylight bulb. You can use this magnifying glass for, amongst many other things, detailed examination of maps, circuit boards, hallmarks, stamps, and so on. It would also be ideal for coin collectors, hobbyists, etc.

Customer comments:

good magnifying glass
As I wear glasses I can't always read small print. This magnifying glass is great I can see small print with this

Just right
After struggling with an ancient, scratched magnifying glass for years, I thought I’d getmyself to a new one. This magnifier ticks all the boxes. Works with or without my reading glasses. Well made, well finished and very useful. Highly recommended

Proper magnifying glass
What a pleasure to buy this slightly 'old-fashioned' magnifying glass, its solidly built, excellent magnification. Just does what it says on the tin. Brilliant

Excellent magnification
Small print is my problem, this allows me to read newspapers, cooking instruction etc. Absolutely ideal, will also enable normal print books. Very impressed by speed of delivery too - Please pass my thanks to the whole team

good item, was very pleased with it, can recommend it,
I was pleased with the magnifying glass, size was perfect, glass very clear. Quick delivery and well-packaged

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