48mm Diameter Round Magnifier 4x 8x with LED light, neck cord & carry pouch

Type: Magnifiers

This Magnifier with built-in strong white LED illumination is lightweight as well as very functional. Can be worn around the neck for easy access (neck cord can be easily removed if not needed).

Strong main lens magnification 4x and with a small inset secondary Magnifier to provide even higher magnification of specific details (8x).

Lens diameter: 48mm. Magnifying multiple of main lens: 4x. Magnifying multiple of secondary lens: 8x.

This Magnifier presents good optical clarity for easy reading of fine print, stamp & coin collecting, photo retouching, map reading, fine inspection and as a professional aid to scientists and hobbyists.

Perfect reading assistance in low-light conditions.

Useful and convenient for home, office and travel. Practical for everyday use. Handy & easy to carry. Supplied in carry pouch and with batteries fitted ready for immediate use.

* Lens Diameter: 48mm
* Magnifying multiple Main lens: 4x
* Magnifying multiple Secondary inset lens: 8x
* LED light (batteries supplied and fitted, ready for immediate use)
* Colour: Black 
* Carry pouch
* Neck cord (Lanyard)
* Compact and lightweight

* 2 x CR1620 Batteries (Included)

Further information
Pocket magnifiers with LED illumination are convenient tools for people with low vision. Because this Magnifier is small, lightweight and portable, it can easily slip into a purse, a pocket, or a backpack. The supplied pouch will protect it from scratches. So if you are the type of person who is always on the go, then you will truly appreciate the convenience of this illuminated Pocket Magnifier. In a restaurant or a theatre, where the lights are dim, for example. Plus you can always have your pocket magnifier with you at a restaurant or grocery store when you need it. It has even more uses in your very own home.

Customer comments

Practical, wearable magnifying glass.
Excellent product with all the features one could possibly want. Good size lens with a smaller stronger magnification one embedded in the main one, protective rim and small handle with LED that projects a powerful light, generous sized neck cord and a nice little storage pouch to tuck it away into at night. I wear this item nearly all the time; combined with my jewellery of the day, it's unobtrusive but oh! so useful for everything from counting threads and fine stitches to locating dropped lace pins and seed beads. It's the most practical small magnifying glass I have come across.

Great work aid
I purchased for a friend who is 70, and started working part-time in a shop but could not see the bar codes even with his spectacles, this magnifier is wonderful it is light weight, comes on a long cord, is not too big, it is black in colour and because he wears a black polo shirt for work it blends in to the back ground, the optics are clear and easy to clean , now he is using it for lots of other uses like small words on labels ie washing instructions etc, he says people have asked him where he purchased it from, this a good buy

Great design
I bought this for a 92 year old with worsening sight and he absolutely loved it. It's the perfect size: large enough to easily see through, but not so much that it's awkward to carry. It has two levels of magnification, both of which are higher than is usual in pocket magnifiers, so it's now replaced all of those that he used to carry. The LED light is very bright, though I'm not sure how long the battery would last when you fall asleep with the light on (that happened). It takes a flat round battery, but the compartment simply pops open when you put a coin in the slot and twist, so it's very easy to locate and replace. There's a long, soft lanyard that neither rubs nor digs into the neck and it comes with a small slot-in wallet that my granddad thought was very nice. So if you're looking for a portable magnifier that you don't have to keep digging out of your pocket, I highly recommend this one.

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