Extra Lightweight Magnifying Glass with Light - With higher magnification secondary lens - 4 sizes

Type: Magnifiers

Extra-lightweight magnifier that is 2 magnifiers in one!! The main feature of this neat little magnifying glass, apart from its very light weight,  is a secondary smaller lens built directly into the larger primary lens. This provides extra magnification of those smaller important details. 

The main advantage of this magnifier is it can be held for long periods comfortably by older people who may otherwise have a problem holding a heavier magnifier. This also makes the magnifier very suitable for children as well. There are no sharp edges on the magnifier. The Easy-grip handle also makes holding and gripping the magnifier a breeze!

Also with great illumination!! 2 Bright LEDs shine the light just where you need it - right on what you're trying to view. Press the switch on the handle, and the LED light is ON. Press it again to turn OFF. We even include the batteries for you!!

Available in 4 sizes / magnification powers, as below:

  • SMALL: Main lens 3.5x Magnification (65mm diameter), Secondary lens 10x Magnification (17mm diameter).
  • MEDIUM: Main lens 3x Magnification (75mm diameter), Secondary 8x Magnification (19mm diameter).
  • LARGE: Main lens 2x Magnification (90mm diameter) Secondary lens 4x Magnification.
  • XTRA-LARGE: Mains lens 2x (108mm diameter), Secondary lens 4x (24.8mm diameter).
  • HIGH QUALITY OPTICAL ACYRLIC LENS Acrylic lens means clear viewing and very light weight, even with the batteries fitted, so can be used for extended periods without discomfort.
  • 2 MAGNIFIERS IN ONE A smaller, secondary magnifying lens is built directly into the larger primary lens, for extra magnification of those smaller important details. Instantly available when needed!
  • WITH GREAT ILLUMINATION The 2 Bright LEDs shine light just where you need it - right onto the object or item you are viewing (On/Off switch for light on the Magnifier handle).
Suitable for:
  • Suitable for purposes such as reading, hobbies, inspection, etc.
  • Very light weight and specially-designed handle means Magnifier can be used for extended periods without discomfort
  • Excellent Low Vision Aid - very helpful to those with low vision difficulty
  • Material: ABS plastic, acrylic lens
  • Supplied boxed
  • Power: 3 x LR1130 batteries (included)

Customer comments:

Superb item!
This was bought as a presernt for my husband, who can see perfectly well with his glasses on, but when trying to see really small writing, he struggles a little! This magnifying glass was really bought as a stocking filler for Christmas, but has turned out to be an excellent buy! The LED light makes it so much easier to see things close up, whilst the small circle at the bottom of the glass, magnifies things even more - making this worth it's weight in gold!! Would highly recommend - even for people who can see clearly to begin with!

Does what it promises
So useful for older eyes!

good for hand bag
Handy. good for hand bag

Most useful
I bought this for my elderly mother whose eye sight was deteriorating fast before going for laser treatment. It's light weight, very large clear lens. The smaller extra magnification circle is particularly helpful for very small print but best of all is the light which makes a huge difference with its power and intensity. Very good value for money.

magnifying glass with light
This seems to do what it says on the tin with the light on which is a very good idea.It was bought for my granddaughter so she can study her insects and snails etc that she loves.. She was in the garden with it within minutes of unpacking it. A good buy.

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