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TechAffect Pocket Magnifying Glass With Light - Extra Large Magnifying Glass



  • With cover. Extra powerful higher magnification secondary lens inset into the main lens, ideal for viewing fine details.
  • Comfortable handle suitable for children and adults. Ideal for reading / viewing in dim conditions
  • FOLD AWAY FOR PROTECTION - are convenient tools for people with low vision. Because this is lightweight and portable, it can slip easily into a purse or large pocket.
  • You will truly appreciate the convenience of In a restaurant or a theatre, where the lights are dim, for example.
  • Built to last and comes with our SATISFACTION GUARANTEE

r Keyring magnifying glass. High quality optical acrylic lens! Acrylic lens means clear viewing and very light weight, even with the batteries fitted, so can be used for extended periods without discomfort. 2 Magnifiers in One!! A smaller, secondary magnifying lens is built directly into the larger primary lens, for extra magnification of those smaller important details - instantly available when needed! With great illumination!!! The Bright LED shines light just where you need it - right onto the object or item you are viewing (On/Off switch for on the handle). This large magnifying glass - Magnifier is Dual Magnifier with 4x Main Magnification (60mm diameter), & 20x Secondary Magnification (12mm diameter). The smaller the lens diameter, the higher the Magnification power of the main lens. However, a larger diameter lens will give you a wider viewing area. * Suitable for purposes such as reading, hobbies, inspection, etc. * Very lightweight means it can be used for extended periods without discomfort * Excellent Low Vision Aid - very helpful to those with low vision difficulty * Light can also be used as flashlight Specifications : * 4x (60mm), 10x (17mm) * Power: 2 x CR1620batteries (included)


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